I used Kiss it Better for joint pain ( arthritis and inflammation in my knees).
"I have used numerous over the counter creams, lotions, and pills ( Advil and Tylenol) to manage the pain and inflammation in both knees for a number of years receiving minimal relief. For approximately the past year and a half my symptoms have gotten worse and I have been just tolerating the pain. This has caused a reduction in physical activity. Once I tried the infused salve, I received almost total pain relief in about 20 minutes! I have been using the salve on both knees at least once per day, but not more than twice per day for the past two months. A little goes a long way with this product. I have noticed that there are many days that I am pain free and feeling like my usual self again. I have also noticed almost a total elimination of noticeable swelling in my knees. I am positive that this will improve with continued use. I am over the moon about this product and I am even happier that I am not rubbing chemicals on my body or ingesting chemicals which can be taxing on our bodies."


This balm has really helped calm my back, hip and hamstring! Better than Advil!! Thank you for an amazing product.

Emily Atikinson

I tried the bath salts last evening and became so totally relaxed that I had to go to bed. I had a good sleep and woke this morning refreshed. Much better than when I take melatonin to find sleep. But I woke up with all my pains so I decided to use your cream. At first I thought it should be creamier so I could just put my fingers in and come out with some. So I dug my fingernail in (I think the next time I'll use a small spoon or something) and came out with a nice size of salve. I rubbed it in and i can't believe that in such a short time my lower back pain and knee pain has almost gone. Wow! A good night's sleep and I'm walking straighter! That's a good start to my day. Thank you!

Maureen Lowden

I started using the Kiss it Better salve post hip surgery it has eased the discomfort I feel at times at the incision site as well as other areas of the leg. It truly does start to work within minutes of applying.

Annie W

I am using the salve faithfully and I feel it helps me sleep much better.  My legs feel great and I used some on my neck and shoulders the other night and felt great in the morning.   

Janet F

I was skeptical but I am so impressed I have horrible menstrual cramping and within 45 minutes of applying Kiss it Better the pain was reduced by 40 %,In an hour and 15 I can function!

L Braun

I inadvertently grabbed my flat iron - my thumb connected with the hot surface and I sustained a significant burn. Yes it hurt! I immediately grabbed the Kiss it Better and applied it to the burn. By the end of the day there was no pain, no blistering, no redness. I’m impressed as this was not just an instant touch...my thumb remained in contact with the hot surface for too long

Annie W

I hurt my back and could barely stand up today. I used your salve and immediately I was able to straighten up!!

Tessa K

My boyfriend and I have been using the infused cream for a little over a month now. Every time my boyfriend gets a headache he goes right to the cream to put on his temples to be able to get on with his busy day of work. I have been dealing with pain in my knees most of my life and I find when they start to hurt I use the cream to get relief. I love the fact that it's all natural and I'm not putting chemicals on my body! This product is wonderful, I can't wait to get the next and new scent!!

Amy A

My daughter was teething so I applied Kiss it Better to her temples and around her jawline. it has seemed to have done her well and quickly...it is definitely a winner.

K. Lynn

As person with rheumatoid arthritis the cannabis infused cream worked for the smaller flareups .. which is good and takes approximately 4 hours to produce a result. Major flareups it had a smaller amount of relief.. although when applying a larger amount of cream on the area with the flare it help
Minimize the pain to a tolerable level. I would recommend the product to others if asked.

Scott A

I have been dealing with arthritis pain, tendinitis and muscle soreness for about five years. Since using the Cannabis cream my arthritis pain is at a stage where I can go about every day activities with none to very little pain. I have also tried the bath balms and after trying it once I was hooked but just to make sure it wasn't just the bath tried it again. Pain free from muscle cramps. Thank you Sheila for introducing me to this great product.

Sheryn A

I am a Massage Therapist and the work I do is very grueling to my body. Especially to my arms and hands. I've incorporated applying the cannabis cream daily as part of my night time regime. Since doing so, my hands and arms have been pain free and the swelling in my fingers has been dramatically reduced. I would recommend this wonderful product to anyone for pain management.

Tanya A

I have suffered from constant daily headaches. A friend recommended this product to me and I have pretty much been headache-free ever since. Im obsessed!!!

Michelle A

As soon as I put it on my hand the pain is gone.

Lisa McFarlane