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Government of Canada Cannabis does not include the following: a non-viable seed of a cannabis plant; a mature stalk, without any leaf, flower, seed or branch, of such a plant; fibre derived from the mature stalk, referenced above; and the root or any part of the root of such a plant.

Frequent Questions Asked

Will the cream become hot or sensation?. Many feel a slight tingling and warmth as it is working it’s magic, but it will be comfortable and soothing.
Does it smell?  Combined with our formula it creates a softer scent that is comfortable enough for man or woman or child. A slight nutty scent.
How long will it take before it works? There are several things to consider, like how severe is the problem. Generally you feel comfort within 15 minutes. But If conditions has been long term or acute three times a day application is recommended.
How long does it last? It varies from person to person. It is recommended three times a day to apply for chronic or acute conditions.
It feels greasy, will it stay greasy? Actually no. It’s formulated to be easily absorbing with the body’s own warmth, yet leaving a nice moisturizing non-greasy shield.
What is the shelf life for the Kiss it Better cream? 1 year shelf life. conditions vary with the environment they are stored in. this is an organic product. too much heat, and humidity.
What is the best way to apply? Apply with a salve stick or right from tin. The salve sticks provide localized, discreet and convient applicator.  While the whipped butter absorbs quickly and is great source for many areas of concern. 
 The spray is a great applicator for all over coverage. 
What if it gets in my eyes? You will feel a slight warmth, just flush out with water.
Can I use multiple products together? Yes, one will not interfere with the other.
How Long do I rub it in for? Give the cream a good 15 sec. rub to make sure the skin has absorbed it.
How often should I use it? Kiss it Better gives comfort, so use as often as needed. For chronic inflammation use a minium minimum of three times a day,

Can you recommend a cbd oil or cannabis for my symptoms? Kiss it Better does not specialize in cbd oil or cannabis strains recommendations but we can recommend someone who can.  Edith Jakob is a wealth of knowledge and can help you find the right choice for you.  All from the comfort of your home. Please contact or