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Why Choose Us

Why Choose KissItBetter

Tested. Trusted. Guaranteed. We are Advancing How Chronic Pain is Treated

Our dedication to providing relief to chronic pains comes from a place of understanding and compassion ─ we have been victims of these pains before. Having been able to conquer our pains, we hope to help others do the same by sharing our knowledge and experiences.

To achieve this goal, we offer

● All Natural Products

Ours is not some hastily manufactured product. Comprising of natural ingredients of the best quality, our products contain various natural components aid the natural pain relief process.

● Customer Support and Guidance

We understand how important support and guidance is during the recovery process. We offer several workshops and group sessions to help people suffering from chronic pain deal better with the recovery process and gradually take back control of their life.

● Decades of Experience

Our team of experts has a collective experience worth several decades. With us, you don’t just get alternative means of dealing with chronic pain, but also a team of experts who have dealt with such pains before and are willing to see you through your recovery process.


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About Us

KissItBetter is much more than just a cosmetic line, so much so that many people even call us a miracle brand.

A product of Canadian Infusions, a company with a simple goal; to improve the quality of life of people suffering from chronic pains, KissItBetter is a complementary medical brand designed to provide natural, effective, and accessible alternative means of pain relief.

Developed by Sheila Philips, a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in assessing and managing pain, KissItBetter is a result of Sheila’s over 30 years of experience and observation of what works and what doesn’t. We are a brand dedicated to providing relief to individuals suffering from chronic pain and inflammation by providing a series of tested and trusted products as well as workshops and group support aimed at facilitating the eradication of such pains.

This is not just some brand from a company with unreasonable claims providing untested remedies. Instead, we are a brand built on the knowledge acquired over several decades of experience treating chronic pain. We look to help you improve your conditions and get back control over your life. Our product workshops, and groups were designed to do just that.


Patent pending as of September 13, 2019.

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Patent pending as of September 13, 2019.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We love our products and we know you will love them too. In case a product doesn't meet the quality you expect from we will happily replace it or refund your money back, whatever works best for you.

About Us


Sheila Phillips, Registered Practical Nurse

Sheila originates from Manitoulin Island. She currently resides with her family in Guelph.
 Sheila has worked as a nurse for over 30 years assessing and managing pain. Over those years of nursing she assessed and helped manage many struggling with pain control and the side affects from medications. She witnessed first hand the shift in the pain management. She hoped for a change.
Sheila was inspired by her sister to find an alternative way to manage pain,
a more natural way a non addictive way. A way that doesn’t alter the mind or causes drowsiness.
With a long list in hand Sheila set out her research starting with ancient medicine and discover the all the healing affects from hemp and cannabis. Exciting and hoping she crafted a concoction known as Kiss it Better.
Kiss it Better was created for herself to treat her injuries and manage her pain. Disbelieving the results she was having she began sharing. Any everyone was having the same result.
Knowing the huge impact Kiss it Better could have on someone’s Sheila knew it was her purpose to make this product available to everyone.


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